2: Deluxe Segment Pot Selection  Spicy, Woody & Seasonal

9 Segment Wax Melts Pots of heaven.. (9 segment pots x approx 48g = 648 hours fragrance time)

For our customers who prefer the Spicy, Woody & Seasonal Fragrance.

Included in your Deluxe Sample Box;

  • Luxe: An intense and warm aroma. Represents luxury. Notes of Lavender, Vanilla &  Tonka Bean
  • Gentlemens Library: A space of which has an intense lavish and oriental spiced aroma. Captivating memorabilia, books and architecture. Top notes of Tobacco Blossom and Tonka Bean mixed with Vanilla. Finished with sweet fruit notes and complimented by a woody, aromatic spice
  • Serendipity: This winter floral fragrance has subtle hints of mandarin and lemon which are complimented by juicy winter berries, iced honeysuckle and jasmine. Includes base notes of vanilla and musk.
  • The Wonderful Life: This fragrance reflects the aromas that surround your home during the festive season. A strong citrus scent complimented by fresh pine, jasmine with subtle hints of cinnamon & ginger
  • My Little Spice: Sweet and sensual with hints of delicious spiced pumpkin and sweet cherry apple.Notes of cinnamon and clove. Hints of strawberry and blackberry.
  • Sardinia Spice: Nothing soothes the soul like a long walk along the beach, but bringing the memorable essence to your home - is even better.⁣A very fresh, classic woody blend of Bergamot, Juniper and Vetiver
  • Autumn Walk: Imagine walking through the forest on a glorious october day. The leaves are crisp, the air is fresh and Christmas is just around the corner. Woody, Fruity, Notes of Cassis complimented by a subtle tone of Pine.
  • Belle Ame: Exotic and Sophisticated with a twist of warm and luxurious spiced fruits. Notes of Black Amber, Sandalwood, Herbs and Spices
  • Power: This life is yours. Take the power to choose what you want to do and do it well.
    A fragrance that represents pure sophistication & class.Top notes of Mint,  Lavender & Bergamot complimented by Cinnamon, Vanilla & Cedarwood


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2: Deluxe Segment Pot Selection Spicy, Woody & Seasonal