Car Fragrance Diffuser Kit - Summer of 69

Enjoy your favourite Love Milly Fragrances in your home AND your car.

The Aluminium Diffuser simply clips onto the air vent in you car.

Gently un-do one end of the Diffuser, remove your Fragrance Stick from the clear plastic, pop into the diffuser and replace the end.

Included in your Diffuser Kit is additional 8ml of Fragrance Oil. This means you can continue to top up your Fragrance Stick.

Please take care not to oversaturate the Fragrance Stick.
You can add more sprays of the fragrance oil to the stick if you require a stronger scent. 

Included in the kit:
- 1 x  Silver, Black or Gold Car Diffuser 

- 2 x Fragrance Sticks

- 1 x 8ml Spray of Fragrance Oil.


You can of course purchase replacement Fragrance Sticks & Sprays.

Car Fragrance Diffuser Kit - Summer of 69