Reed Diffuser Trio Gift Set (3 x 100ml)

Reed Diffuser Trio Gift Set (3 x 100ml)


Reed diffusers are becoming a more popular and practical way of releasing fragrance into the home. Delivering a continuous scent for months at a time, reed diffusers can be placed anywhere - perfect for locations where a flame isn’t appropriate!



This Trio Set is the perfect way to fragrance your home. Presented in our Luxurious Ribbed Magnetic Gift Box. 


Choose your 3 fragrances from the options below..

Fragrance 1
Fragrance 2
Fragrance 3

    he fragrance oil absorbs into the reeds and disperses the scent into the air.
    If you want to increase the scent of your reed diffuser, you can flip the reed sticks over.
    We recommend doing this once every 2 weeks.
    Please remember that you should turn the reed sticks over on a suitable, protected surface to avoid any damage.

    Included with your reed diffusers purchase will be 6 reed sticks.
    You will not need to replace these before you replenish your diffuser.
    Over time, reeds can become clogged with dust, so before you think about replacing them, try flipping them first.