Fragrance Diffuser &  Spray Luxury Gift Set

Purchase this beautiful, monochrome bundle of joy for yourself, a friend or loved one.

100ml Fragrance Diffuser & 250ml Room Fragrance Spray.

Our Fragrance Diffusers are a fabulous way of effortlessly fragrancing your home or office space - often lasting up to 4 months!
Alongside the Scent Diffuser is one of our stunning Glossy Black Room Fragrance Sprays.

Presented in our Gloss White Magnetic Box with has hinged lid - Perfect for hiding those special bottles of fizz away from your hubby after you've removed your LM products.




Fragrance Diffuser & Spray Luxury Gift Set


    Room Fragrance Spray:
    This product is not a perfume, so if content comes into contact with skin rinse the area immediately. People suffering from perfume sensitivity should be cautious when using this product.
    Do not spray directly onto clothes, furnishings or sensitive lacquered furniture.
    Do not ingest.
    Do not drink. 
    Do not spray around open flames i.e candles or tealights etc.


    Fragrance Diffuser:
    Pop the cap off & place the reeds into the diffuser.
    Do not light reeds and do not ingest the solution.
    People suffering from perfume sensitivity should be cautious when using these products.
    Place the diffuser in a safe location and on an appropriate surface to avoid accidental damage.
    We recommend flipping your reeds once every 7 days.
    Keep away from flames i.e Candles or tealights etc.


    Room Fragrance Sprays:
    Instant luxury in a single spray!
    We recommend 3-4 quick spritz at one given time - in your chosen room. Repeat this process as frequently as you'd like.
    Avoid spraying on to hard flooring as can become slippery due to an active ingredient. 

    Fragrance Diffuser:
    The fragrance oil absorbs into the reeds and disperses the scent into the air.
    If you want to increase the scent of your fragrance diffuser, you can flip the reed sticks over.
    We recommend doing this once every 7 days - 14 days.
    Please remember that you should turn the reed sticks over on a suitable, protected surface to avoid any damage.
    Included with your reed diffusers purchase are 6 reed sticks.
    You will not need to replace these before you replenish your diffuser.
    Over time, reeds can become clogged with dust, so before you think about replacing them, try flipping them first.