The Ultimate Wax Melt Sample Box

We understand how difficult it can be choosing from our Fragrance Menu without having any idea what our products may smell like. You can now purchase this sample set which will provide you with a Wax Melt Pot in each of our fragrances. This will make your decision much easier! COMPLIMENTARY SHIPPING(Made from PP plastic so it is 100% recyclable. Approx 20g per pot) You will recieve 1 x Pot of each fragrances  - 27 in total:

  1. The Maldives Ritual
  2. The Wonderful LIfe
  3. Luxe
  4. Power
  5. Sunday Morning
  6. The Gentlemens Library
  7. Limon-Hello
  8. Sweet Baby
  9. Autumn Walk
  10. Loved To Love
  11. You Are Everything
  12. Serendipity
  13. Be You, Be Beautiful
  14. Love Potion
  15. My Little Spice
  16. Belle Ame
  17. Coconut Smoochie
  18. Te Amo
  19. Summer of 69
  20. Champagne Poppin
  21. Here to Listen
  22. Sardinia Spice
  23. Faith, Hope & Love
  24. XoXo
  25. Love & Mojitos
  26. Buzz Off!
  27. My Cherry Pie

The Ultimate Wax Melt Sample Box


    Place your wax melt in the well of the burner.

    All of our Wax Melts are cured for weeks before being dispatched to produce a longer and stronger scented wax melt.

    Keep out of reach of children & pets.