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Browse our Fragrance Menu to discover the perfect scent to Fragrance your home. You can purchase The Ultimate Box of Fragrance Samples which will be delivered in Wax Melt form.

Sweet Baby

A fresh and clean fragrance. Notes of Lilac, Classic Jasmine and Delicate Rose.

Summer of 69

A nostalgic scent that stimulates relaxation, relives stress and enabled you to reminisce. Energizing hints of Fresh Lime and Lavender, Lively Freesia & Sandalwood

Sunday Morning

For many people, Sunday is the best day. It gives us time to re-energize before the week starts again and spending time with family is greatly enjoyed. This charming fragrance will fill your home with Cotton Fresh aromas and hints of Patchouli and Cedar

Be You, Be Beautiful

In a world where you can be anything, be you. Sweet, Floral blend with hints of Bergamot, Pear and Raspberry. Strong notes of Sultry Violets and Jasmin. Complimented by a base of sweet Orchids and Sandalwood.

The Maldives Ritual

Imagine, you are looking out to the Indian Ocean. The solitude, the space and the peace. You feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Fresh & tropical. Top notes of Lemongrass, Lime & Mango with hints of Cassis & Musk.

Loved To Love

Don't lose hope. When the sun goes down, the stars come out. Notes of Rich Rhubarb & Pomegranate

Coconut Smoochie

If Summer had a fragrance. An exciting combination of coconut lime and vanilla. Notes of Lime zest, Verbena, Coconut and Peach.

Autumn Walk

Imagine walking through the forest on a glorious October day. The leaves are crisp, the air is fresh and Christmas is just around the corner.

Top notes of Cassis, Cherry and Fig.

Sardinia Spice

Nothing soothes the soul like a long walk along the beach, but bringing the memorable essence to your home - is even better. A very fresh, classic woody bolend of Bergamot, Juniper and Vetiver.


An intense and warm aroma. Represents luxury. A sweet oriental accord opening warm Almond, Lavender and Vanilla. Base notes of Patchouli & Tonka Bean

The Gentlemens Library

Top notes of Tobacco Blossom and Tonka Bean mixed with Vanilla. Finished with sweet fruit notes and complimented by a woody, aromatic and oriental spice.

The Wonderful Life

A strong citrus scent complimented by Fresh Pine, Jasmine with subtle hints of Cinnamon & Ginger.


A fragrance that represents pure sophistication & class. Top notes of Mint, Lavender & Bergamot, complimented by Cinnamon, Vanilla & Cedarwood.

All For You

Because it really is all about you. The fragrance has a citrus aroma. Top notes of Bergamot and Citron. Base notes of Cardamom and Musk.

Love Potion

Smooth. Seductive & Intense. Strong notes of Sweet Orange and Amber. Creates an ambiance of warmth and sophistication. Base notes of Sandalwood & Plum.


Elegant & Powerful. A modern and sophisticated floral fragrance. Top notes of Citrus, Mandarin Orange and Neroil. The base notes consist of wild plum and blackerry musk. 

Pillow Talk

Top notes of Frankincense, Myrrh & Vanilla Bean. Complimented by undertones of Peach, Mandarin & Lime.


Strong citrusy notes of lime, lemon and grapefruit with hearty notes of musk, cherry blossom complimented by a hint of Cedarwood.